heavily, heavenly breath opens as the first black curatorial project at UCA Farnham


 Impatient, Urgent, Quick, Short Lived
Text / Sculpture /// 2015 

online /// 2015

#tabbycat 2 weeks, 14 days, 336 hours, 20160 minutes online, 17 August 2015 - 30 August 2015
created as artist in residence with Johannesburg based digital art collective Floating Reverie

 heavily, heavenly breath in sofltly overrripe at Ha Ha Gallery, Southampton
multi-media installation /// 2015


the '0h' 0n my keyb0ard is br0ken

 Business As Usual, installation shot, Turf Projects, Croydon 2015

#commitment #problems 

A Pixel or Digit? installation view at Turf Projects 2015

Still from 'Beep' (don't cha know the pussycat dolls climaxed in 2009?)
video /// 2014


Fade Out

(shirt change)

Fade in

As I am. As I wish to appear to be. As I perceive you to want me to be.


The hyperlink like a transportation button -

                                                                     magic carpet or time machine the hyperlink has the persuasive ability to move the user to different territories, authorships and medias. Reading one article I click on a link which opens a new tab. T-A-P

If I stare for long enough will you be-able to hear what I’m really thinking? Navigating through a computerised recreation of an alternate society. I escape depression. But then think of death, I am sad and then amused. I do not so much live, but have life in digital cyberculture.  I’ve watched youtube videos, for hours and hours and hours now.  Of course there’s a good chance the current internet will be dead before we learn how to use it.

Our experiences have become the stories, our voices the performance, our photographs the art; continually documented in cyberspace for our badly developed memories, jealous friends, or a second of nostalgia. 

(beat)  Pause

Theatre of the Lens featured in ARTS THREAD

Theatre of the Lens, installation shot
multi-channel media installation /// 2014

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 repiTTition published in HOAX publication

Power up
multi-media installation / performance /// 2013
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#studiogame, 2013
a site-specific game for twitter [Open Studios, Central Saint Martins]

 BYOB installation view at Vivid Projects, Birmingham 
multi-media installation / performance /// 2013

dot <3's com
multi-media installation /// 2013
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We Have No Instinct For The Future
multi-media installation /// 2012
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I'm too sad to leave, too leave this 
polaroid / sculpture /// 2011

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 video / installation  / performance /// 2011

site-specfic sculpture / performance /// 2010
Rebecca Botros, Soraya Fatha, Connie Gallagher

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